Extend the functionallity of DZIRCMS

DZIRCMS has a lot of functionality built in, but there are still a lot of things it can't do. For those cases, maybe a Newsletter, a Forum, or a Shop, it can be enhanced through the use of Plugins.

Existing Plugins

In the Backend, you will find a Plugin Manager. This Plugin Manager lists all publicly available Plugins like SEO-URL, DB Backup, Newsletter and more. Plugins are installed through the Plugin Manager with just a click. The Plugin Manager checks for dependencies, so if something wouldn't work, it won't be installed in the first place.

Plugin Manager Screenshot

Own Plugins

You can create your own Plugins as well. Just have a look at the publicly available Plugins to see how they work. And when your own Plugin is ready, you can send it to us in order to double check and publish it, or install your own Plugin Repository (download for free here) and host it yourself. If you host your own Plugins, you can enter your Plugin Repository's address in the Plugin Manager as additional Repository and have your Plugins listet with the public ones. But remember, you as the developer are responsible for the Plugin's security (we'll check that if you want it hosted publicly).

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